MD 9235 TRMS Power Clamp Meter, 3-Phase, Unbalanced-Load

The MD 9235 is a Slim-Jaw current clamp meter with ability to measure 3-Phase Unbalanced-Load kWHr recording. The MD 9235 enables TRMS AC current measurement up to 600 A, single and 3-phase power analysis, total power factor and resistance measurement. Display with large easy-to-read figures and one-handed operation make MD 9235 an extremely easy-to-use. This compact instrument combines a high level of functionality, small size and portability. All built-in features make MD 9235 a perfect tool for advanced Power applications.

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  • TRMS AC, DC voltage measurement;
  • TRMS AC current measurement;
  • Resistance measurement;
  • Frequency measurement;
  • Continuity test (acoustic signaling);
  • Power parameters measurement.


Dimensions (w x h x l): 78 x 40 x 189 mm

Mass (without accessories): 192 g

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Dimensions 1 cm