MI 3321 MultiservicerXA

Multifunctional portable test instrument MI 3321 MultiServicerXA is intended to perform all necessary measurements for testing the electrical safety of portable electrical equipment, machines and switchgears. It is the first machine tester covering all necessary tests according to new IEC/EN 60204 ed.5 including Loop impedance, RCD and HV tests. MultiServicerXA enables measurement of discharge time, power and current consumption and resistance to excessive voltages which are the main parameters in the safety testing of hard wired appliances and large machinery. With an easy to use user interface, large graphic LCD, QWERTY keyboard, help menus with connection diagrams and extra ports for testing fixed installations the MI 3321 is the best solution for safety testing.

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Measuring functions

  • Continuity tests (200 mA, 10 A);
  • Insulation resistance;
  • Withstanding voltage tests (1000 V, 1890 V, 2200 V);
  • Substitute leakage current;
  • Differential leakage current;
  • Touch leakage current;
  • IEC cord polarity test;
  • Leakage and load TRMS current measurement with current clamp;
  • Portable RCD testing;
  • RCD testing;
  • Line and loop impedance;
  • High resolution line / loop impedance (mΩ).
  • Discharge time;
  • Three phase voltage / rotary field;
  • Functional test.

Key features

  • 3 in 1: instrument performs testing of portable appliances (acc. to VDE 0701 0702), machines (acc. to IEC/EN 60204 Ed.5) and switchgears (acc. to IEC/ EN 60439 and the new IEC 61439) including functional and leakage tests for DUTs with nominal power up to 3.5 kW.
  • Multi-tasking: up to 18 different measurements can be performed either as a single test or pre-programmed test sequences (PAT mode).
  • Automated: automatic testing and PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results according to appropriate standard.
  • Project uploading: previous test data can be uploaded for fast retesting of the object.
  • Scan and test: optional barcoding system and PASS / FAIL barcode label printing make retesting quick and simple.
  • RFID: support for advanced RFID identification system.
  • User friendly: large LCD screen, full QWERTY keyboard, help screens and warnings make the instrument an extremely easy to use.
  • Fixed appliance tests: ports, leads and optional accessories fully support the testing of fixed machines and appliances while normal socket supports plug-in machines and appliances testing.
  • RCD testing: instrument enables testing of parameters of RCDs and portable RCDs.
  • Clamp leakage current measurement: quick measurement of leakage current with current clamps directly on power supply cable without disconnection of appliance from mains.
  • Discharge time test: testing of how long it takes for the machine discharge after power is removed.
  • Withstanding voltage test: instrument performs 2500 VAC, 1890 VAC and 1000 VAC withstanding voltage tests with settable current limit.
  • Trend functionality: test results can be uploaded from PC to the instrument for comparison between old and new test results onsite.
  • Downloadable: up to 6000 test results with measuring parameters can be stored in two level memory and downloaded to the PC with the help of PC SW PATLink PRO.
  • PC SW PATLink PRO included in the standard set enables downloading, viewing, printing of test results and exporting of data to spreadsheet applications.
  • PC SW PATLink PRO Plus enables advanced analysis of test results, upload of structures and data upload to the instrument for on-site comparison of old and new results, upload of pre-programmed custom autosequences and creation of professional test reports.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 cm