A 1322 Active 3-phase Adapter

Metrel’s A 1322 Multifunctional test adapter is designed for troubleshooting, as well as for periodic testing on 3-phase appliances and machinery. Unique functions such as, active polarity testing, differential leakage testing and testing of 3-phase RCD’s make the A 1322 Active 3-phase Adapter an ideal instrument for advanced applications. The A 1322 adapter is designed for use alongside the MI 3321 MultiservicerXA, MI 3360 OmegaGT and the MI 3310/MI 3310 25A SigmaGT, enabling functional tests to be carried out on machines up to 40 A. Several test socket outlets make this instrument an ideal tester for testing industrial extension leads that may also be RCD protected. The A 1422 Multifunctional test adapter has complete support for testing of Arc Welding Equipment in accordance to EN 60974-4 and VDE 0544-4.

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Key features

  • All tests on 3-phase electrical equipment can be carried out, including live leakage test, power, polarity, RCD and Active polarity.
  • Simple connection to the PAT/MACHINE tester with automatic detection.
  • Simple test procedures, identical to single phase equipment.
  • Test sequence for 3-phase tests are automatically set, based on entered test codes and input voltages.
  • Built-in CEE 3-phase/32 A 5-pin, CEE 3-phase/16 A 5-pin and CEE 1-phase/16 A 3-pin test sockets.
  • Instrument comes complete with all accessories necessary for comfortable measurements and kept in a robust waterproof case.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 335 x 160 x 335 mm
  • Mass (without accessories): 7.2 kg

Additional information

Dimensions 1 cm