MI 2014 Cable Scanner

The MI 2014 Cable Scanner is a portable handheld battery powered instrument intended for testing LAN installations and cables. This simple but effective device performs copper terminations testing on shielded and unshielded LAN and coax cables. With optional Tracer can be performed tracing of cables and wires. Talk function enables full duplex communication between remote operators. Due to user friendly interface handling of the instrument is simple and clear.

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Measuring functions

  • Cable length;
  • TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer);
  • Time Domain Crosstalk;
  • Wire map test.

Key features

  • Fast termination fault finding with graphical indication of the failure type.
  • Integrated high accuracy TDR function with adjustable NVP factor measures distance to the fault.
  • Internal tone generator combined with an optional Cable tracer serves for wire finding in bounces of cables.
  • Locators for simplified identification of sockets are included in a standard set.
  • Optional Talk Remote Unit allows voice communication over the tested cable.
  • Instrument’s outputs allow testing on RJ 45 and coax terminations.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 cm