MI 3298 P1 Earth/Ground trainer module

MI 3298 P1 Earth/Ground trainer module is designed as a stand-alone module for training different earth measuring methods. The module offers simulation of different errors and object states through the use of a selectable switch and ground wire. Due to the puzzle concept, other MI 3298 P1 Earth/Ground trainer modules and/or MI 3298 T Transformer/Insulation trainer modules can be joined together to simulate a complete transmission line with a switchyard at the end.

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Key features

  • Ground network impedance;
  • Earth surface potentials;
  • Fault simulated step & contact voltage;
  • Pylon (selective legs);
  • HF earth impedance.

Different modules can be evaluated separately as an independent system and / or connected together to demonstrate the interconnectivity problems and influences between them.

This approach could give trained personnel clear information about testing methods, measured values and results on known systems and an overview of situations where systems become more complex when connected together.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 cm