MA 4804 Power supply

The MA 4804, MA 4852 and MA 4853 are power supply units with the built-in variable transformers permitting a continuous voltage adjustment within the limits of declared specifications.   The transformers have separate primary and secondary windings resulting in galvanic isolation of the mains circuit from output circuit. This is frequent requirement for energizing specific electrical devices.   The power supply units are equipped with V-meter and A-meter, which allow a permanent control over output voltage and current. They are overload-protected with a circuit-breaker which disconnects the secondary circuits when a short-circuit condition occurs at the output.


Field Application
The MA 4804, MA 4852 and MA 4853 power supply units are used in electronic industry (electrical and control labs), in service workshops, in technical education, etc., briefly everywhere adjustable supply voltage is needed, or where for technical or safety reasons the power supply source has to be galvanically insulated from the mains. Test voltage of 4 kV AC. rms between input and output enables using the units in CAT III / 300 V environment.

Technical specification

Part No. HSM 230 HSM 260 HSM 260
Power s supply: 230 V 230 V 230 V
Output voltage: 0 V … 260 V
AC 0 V … 33 V 0 V … 33 V
DC 0 V … 46 V 0  V … 46 V
Permissible permanent current: 3.1 A 6 A 6 A

Additional information

Dimensions 1 cm