MI 3125 BT EurotestCOMBO

MI 3125 BT EurotestCOMBO is the ideal instrument for engineers who perform high volume testing or work regularly on TT and TN systems. Containing all necessary tests for installation safety testing, MI 3125 BT offers the brand new ability to test B-type (DC sensitive) RCDs. EurotestCOMBO contains integrated characteristics of fuses and RCDs (including B type) for the evaluation of line / loop impedance results. The bright graphic display with backlight ensures that results, indications, measurement parameters and messages are clear, visible and easy to read. The red and green LEDs on either side of the display provide a clear PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results. Each test has its own individual help screen describing how to connect the instrument into the installation and how to perform a measurement. All the results can be quickly saved and referenced on the instrument and then downloaded via the EuroLink PRO software, included in the standard set, to the computer for evaluation and report generation after testing.

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  • Insulation resistance with DC voltage.
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 200 mA test current with polarity change.
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 7 mA test current (continuous measurement).
  • Line impedance.
  • Loop impedance.
  • Loop impedance with Trip Lock RCD function.
  • TRMS voltage and frequency.
  • Phase sequence.
  • RCD testing (general and selective, type AC, A and B).
  • Earth resistance (3-wire method).


  • LED Pass/Fail indicators two LED indicators for PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results are placed on both sides of the LCD.
  • Help screens instrument comes complete with built-in help screens for referencing on site.
  • B type RCD testing is supported.
  • Earth resistance measurement instrument performs 3-wire earth resistance testing with two additional rods.
  • Built-in loop impedance tables this unique feature allows automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance results compared to the regulations.
  • Online voltage monitoring monitors all 3 voltages in real time.
  • Polarity swap automatic polarity reversal on continuity test.
  • Insulation range wide range of insulation test voltages from 50 V to 1000 V, reading up to 1000 MΩ.
  • Trip Lock function Zs (RCD) function performs a loop impedance test without tripping the RCD.
  • Built-in charger & rechargeable batteries unit has a built-in charging circuit and comes complete with a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • RCD auto: automated RCD testing procedure significantly reduces test time.
  • PC SW Eurolink PRO included in the the standard set enables downloading of test results and parameters and creation of test reports.
  • Bluetooth communication with PC, Android tablets and smart phones via built-in BT.
  • EuroLink Android APP, data management tool (option).


PC SW EuroLink PRO is a strong creating tool of professional Visual Inspection Report and Testing Result Report.


Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 230 mm

Mass: 1.0 kg

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Dimensions 1 cm