A 1143 Euro Z 290 A

The A 1143 Euro Z 290 A is a professional portable high current impedance tester. It performs high precision line and high precision fault loop impedance measurements in environments up to CAT IV / 310 V.

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Measuring functions

  • High precision line impedance;
  • High precision fault loop impedance;
  • Contact voltage.

Key features

  • Independence: instrument is designed to work independently or in conjunction with: MI 2086 Eurotest 61557, MI 3101 EurotestAT, MI 3105 EurotestXA and MI 3321 MultiServicerXA.
  • Range widening: adapts the instruments to read from 0.1 mΩ up to 19.99 Ω.
  • Multi-system testing: works on both single phase and 3-phase systems (115 V to 440 V, 50 Hz).
  • IPSC and IPFC calculation: IPSC and IPFC readings calculated up to 400 kA.
  • 4-wire measurement for elimination of voltage drop on measuring leads.
  • Comfortable carrying: all the accessories are put in the strong, rugged, durable case of the instrument.
  • LCD: Built-in LCD for standalone measurements.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 cm